Rod Barajas Rocking Dee Gordon To Sleep In His Arms … Revisited


During the move to this URL, I apparently lost this Dodgers GIF of Rod Barajas and Dee Gordon doing … something in the dugout, so I made it again, as much for my amusement as yours.

In the process of making it though, as if the baseball gods were awarding me a bonus, I noticed a few things I missed the first time around when I was preoccupied with, you know, the fact that Barajas was rocking Dee to sleep like an infant.


1) Rick Honeycutt recognizing what’s about to happen and laughing about it.


2) Tim Wallach recognizing what’s about to happen and immediately turning away in horror.



3) Rod Barajas becoming aware that the camera is on them and reacting like a protective parent.


4) Justin Sellers trying to give Rod Barajas a brofist until realizing that Rod Barajas has lost his mind.


5) Rod Barajas recognizing that people in the stands around the dugout might be calling the police on him at this point, so he stops the act.


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