The Japanese Bat Flip Tribute Video In GIF Form

Well this is certainly a gem of a video, a tribute of sorts to the Japanese bat flip, and it’s chock full of glorious moments by itself, but I figured it would never be complete until it was adequately GIFFED to death, so here we are.


The most epic bat flip I’ve ever seen. Without a doubt. It’s hypnotizing.


The spit at the end is the highlight for me. Disgusted that he even had to bother swinging the bat to get credited with a homer.


The Japanese version of the Ted Lilly glove throw.



Guess this is more of a bat toss?


Loved this one because he initially seems confused as to what he just did, like, “Whoa, where did that bat flip come from?


No comment.


Reinforce the tradition in video games to brainwash the next generation.

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