Lulz Of The Week: Josh Reddick pies Josh Donaldson, has probably murdered people + more


Things to notice/know:

1) The crowd is cheering in anticipation of Josh Reddick pieing Josh Donaldson.

2) Thus, Donaldson is bracing for impact in anticipation of it, but does so over the wrong shoulder.

3) Most importantly, in a subtle move, Reddick wipes the hand he touches Donaldson with against that disgusting beard/mouth/face of his.

4) Donaldson then thinks the worst is over, but boy was he wrong.

5) Reddick is a serial killer.


That’s the face of a man who has killed people.


Chris Davis hits homer, Red Sox fan gives it one finger up

Hyun Jin Ryu does “Gangnam Style”, Matt Kemp has air sex, Clayton Kershaw is at a rodeo

There are so many awesome things about possibly the worst strike three call ever

Kyuji Fujikawa kicks a foul ball … into his own face

White Sox grounds crew member managed to literally lose to a piece of trash

Lorenzo Cain is having a no good, very bad day in center field

Zack Greinke hits Carlos Quentin, he charges the mound cause he’s an idiot, Greinke hurt



Dunno why people were bagging on Denard Robinson for this first pitch, as it’s about what he does in football too.

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