Fad Exercises and Why They’re Not Worth It

Don't Fall For Fad Exercises

Don’t Fall For Fad Exercises

If you’re hitting the diet and health scene, then you will probably come across a variety of trendy fad exercises. These exercise pop onto the scene out of nowhere and seem quite tempting at first, but in the end they don’t wind up lasting very long. You might find yourself getting sucked into a fad diet or exercise if you’re not aware of why they’re bad, and then you’ll wind up with tons of useless exercise equipment that you don’t use anymore. If you have ever found yourself tempted by the latest exercise craze, then you need to understand what constitutes as a fad exercise and why you want to avoid them. It will definitely help you ensure that you only ever get the best exercise experiences, and that’s definitely important in the long run. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s a Fad Exercise?

First of all, a fad exercise is a type of exercise that comes onto the scene from nowhere and seems super over-hyped. This means that everyone is suddenly talking about it and all of the talking heads and television doctors are touting how awesome it is. Tempting, right? When you see something like this being spread everywhere, of course you’re going to be tempted to sign right up and buy the equipment you need to get started. However, most fads burn out quite quickly and don’t last for very long at all. This means you’re basically wasting your time and money on an exercise that isn’t worth your time and isn’t going to last. Anything that gets shown over and over again on daytime doctor shows is probably going to be a fad.

Why They Don’t Work

Might Work... For  A While

Might Work… For A While

Some exercise fads might work, but they don’t live up to the lofty claims that are made about them. You may hear tons of news about how these exercises are amazing and will help you lose tons of weight in just a few days. Or, you may hear that you can lose weight just by strapping on a vibrating belt and sitting around. Obviously these claims are quite lofty and tempting, but the fact is that they are often lies. Fad exercises don’t work because they rely on useless gimmicks to grab your attention and make you buy the product. Then, they just don’t deliver in terms of quality of exercise.

What to Do about Them

eat Healthy And Stick To Exercises You Know That Work

Eat Healthy & Stick To Exercises You Know Work

If you see a new exercise machine or method hitting the scene, be wary of it. There’s usually nothing good to come from these types of newcomers to the health scene. Check it out and see if television doctors are advertising it on their show. Did you see it in an infomercial? If so, you want to avoid it. If you think something is a fad, then you shouldn’t bother wasting any money on it. Classic methods of exercising are going to have the most benefits for you. There is no miracle exercise, so don’t be tricked into thinking that there is one.

Why You Don’t Want a “Fifty Shades” Romance

Fifty Shades... Is Not The Real Thing!

Fifty Shades… Is Not The Real Thing!

The book is a huge hit and has been selling millions of copies all over the world, but is it really worth all the hype? From bored housewives to young adults, this trilogy has spread like wildfire, even making its way into product design. People have sex toy parties, cocktails, and even bachelorette parties with this theme, but is this really something we should be promoting? So many women these days want to have a relationship like the one between Ana and Christian Grey, though this is actually perpetuating sexism and abusive relationships. How, you ask? The answer is simple.


Women love a man who takes control and is possessive of them, especially in the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it becomes an issue when the man doesn’t want to have any sort of relationship with you that doesn’t involve you submitting to him. This is exactly what Christian Grey does with Ana, and this is what women are starting to think is romantic. At best, this takes gender roles back at least a century, where women were mere accessories to men. Any feminist would shudder at the idea, and even women who aren’t with the feminist movement should see something wrong with that. There is nothing romantic or sexy about being an object, and that attitude will lead you into a very unhealthy relationship.

Poor Example of BDSM

A Relationship Is About Trust And Mutual Commitment

A Relationship Is About Trust And Mutual Commitment

For those looking to enter into the world of BDSM, this book is a terrible place to start. Unfortunately, it’s also currently the most popular introduction to BDSM around. It’s all well and good to have a dominant and submissive relationship, but Christian Grey doesn’t care about consent or the woman’s pleasure, despite what he may say. He actually scolds her for using the safe word in the bedroom, for one thing, which is a huge no-no. Every BDSM relationship should utilize a safe word, which can be used by either party at any time they wish. Neither member should ever be insulted, scolded, or made to feel guilty about using it. Mr. Grey bemoans her using the safe word on him, instead of being a decent human being and questioning what he had done that made her feel like she needed to use it.

Grey also has no willingness to partake in aftercare for Ana, instead leaving the room on multiple occasions. He does so after seeing visible exhaustion in her, and turmoil. This “cold” approach might seem sexy to you, but especially for people who are new into the BDSM world, aftercare is a must. This is how you ensure that the other person is okay afterwards, and isn’t experiencing any mental or physical problems. What we see in the books is hardly BDSM – it’s thinly veiled abuse that perpetuates the stereotype that all BDSM relationships are fetishized and unhealthy. Much like feminism, this sets back BDSM decades, and it’s been mass-produced for a huge audience to see.

Doesn’t Encourage Personal Growth

Look For Real Love... Grounded And Safe

Look For Real Love… Grounded And Safe

The idea of this story, in short, is that you can obtain the ideal, perfect lover. It’s a cliché story of beauty taming the beast, and Ana herself never evolves past the “perfect virgin” stereotype. She doesn’t have any personal growth, and gains nothing except an abandonment complex from being with Christian Grey. Throughout the series we see that she only feels sexy and wanted because of him – none of this comes from within herself. It could be taken as romantic, that he taught her how desirable she is, but seeing how he treats her makes it pretty obvious that he’s more of a sadist than a romantic. This is all explained away and excused by the fact that he was abused as a young man, making it seem like all men who partake in BDSM do so for the wrong reasons. While the man does change, the woman experiences literally no growth, and the man’s growth is hinged on becoming the “perfect” lover. This book and the romance in it are phony, clichéd, and everything you wouldn’t actually love in a relationship. The thing about reaching the ideal is that nothing would be fun if you did, and it’s not healthy to actively want to change someone into your ideal lover. A real relationship like this would be an incredibly unhappy one.

10 Mac Tricks That You Never Knew

Mac Computer's Secrets Every User Should Know

Mac Computer Secrets Every User Should Know

If you have an inconvenient problem with your Mac computer, chances are there’s a way to make it easier and you just don’t know about it. Some of these are among the best kept secrets that every user should know, but doesn’t. These basic tips and tricks will make your computer use a breeze and will help you with your day to day tasks. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to ease.

You Can Customize Apps to Start When Your Computer Does

Do you use 4 or 5 apps every single time you turn on your computer, but still have to open them every time you start your computer? Are you sick of it? Good news for you, then: it’s possible to have some apps start right when you first turn on your computer. Just go to System Preference, Accounts, and Login Items. Pick the ones that you want to wake up when the rest of your computer does.

Spotlight Can Be Your Calculator

Sure, there are other calculators available. Sometimes you’re just too busy to want to go open them up, however. Just put in simple equations to Spotlight and watch the answer appear in your list of options.

Refine Screenshots with Command-4

Use Command-4

Use Command-4

You know that Command-3 will get you a screen shot. However, you can up the ante and get a screenshot that focuses just on what you want to see by using Command-4 instead. This will bring up crosshairs that lets you select exactly what you want.

Change Icon Size for Easy Searching

When you’re looking for the needle in the haystack, or that one particular folder in a huge group, it can be frustrating that you can’t see more at once. Command-J will bring up the options that allow you to manually set the icon size. Make them smaller to see more at once, or bigger so you can’t possibly miss it.

Get Words Defined for You Even Inside Apps

While there are a few third party apps that don’t support this, most of them do. Just highlight a word and use Command-Control-D to bring up a definition from the inbuilt computer dictionary.

Hide Apps from Your Boss in a Flash

If you’re doing something you probably shouldn’t be doing at work and you hear someone step up behind you, use Command-H to hide whatever it is that you’re working on. Then act like you’ve always been typing this company article about keyboard shortcuts and definitely weren’t trying them out for yourself, sir.

Find out Where That File Got Saved

Customize Your Computer

Customize Your Computer

If you’re working on a file and have been saving it regularly, it’s often a bit of a shock to realize that you didn’t save it to the right place in the first place. In order to make sure that you know where it is, just right click (or Command-click) the icon at the top of the app. It will show you exactly where it’s saved.

The Digital Version of Breadcrumbs Is at Your Fingertips

Think you might get lost in your libraries? View>Path Finder will always show you where you are in your computer’s saved files.

Switch Windows Within an App

Are you working on two documents at once? Now you can switch between them with ease, simply by tapping Command-~. You can toggle between all the windows you have up for a certain app with ease.

Invert the Screen Just to See How It Looks

There is no purpose to doing this, aside from maybe freaking out an obnoxious coworker. If you ever want to see what your screen looks like with the colors inverted, just tap Option-Control-Command-8.

Be the Obnoxious Coupon User and Save Tons of Cash

Save Tons Of Cash By Using Coupons

Save Tons Of Cash By Using Coupons

You may have seen or heard about coupon users before – there are even shows about people who go to extreme levels in order to save tons of cash by using coupons as often as possible. It might have seemed silly at the time, but think about it and you may realize what a good idea it is. The kind of savings you can achieve with couponing is nothing to sneeze at, and it usually just takes a little bit of effort on your part in order to start saving big bucks. It might take you a little while longer to check out when you’re buying groceries because of the amount of coupons you wind up using, but that’s hardly a downside when you realize just how much money you’re going to be saving in the long run. By getting started on your coupon usage, you can really stretch your budget and get the items you need at ridiculously affordable prices. If that sounds like something you want, then read on to learn all about how you can use coupons to save tons of cash.

Signing up for Online Couponing Forums

One of the best ways to get started with your couponing is to join up on some online couponing forums. There are tons of organizations and communities out there on the Internet that you can join to start saving tons of cash. The people on these forums typically join up to share coupons and couponing tips, which means that you can really get a head start and learn how to make the most out of each shopping trip that you take. There’s almost always no fee to join up on these types of forums and sites, so it will really be worth it to sign up and start chatting with other likeminded shoppers. It’ll give you an edge over anyone else, and you can wind up finding out about some crazy sales that you never would have known about otherwise.

Knowing What Coupons You Can Combine

Combine Coupons

Combine Coupons

An important aspect of couponing is being able to combine various coupons to make every discount even steeper. This is an area that can be a bit confusing if you’re new to couponing, but it just takes some practice to get used to. If you’re careful and you read the fine print on the coupons and sales that you get your hands on, you can usually combine them. Sometimes this can result in getting something for free, all because of the specific coupons you combined. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It might not always happen, but if you know how to combine your coupons like a pro, then it’s definitely a possibility that you should be keeping your eyes open for.

Keep a Coupon Book with You at All Times

Once you start couponing, it will be to your benefit to make a coupon book to take with you whenever you go shopping. You will want to organize it regularly and keep track of your coupons in case they expire, because an expired coupon really isn’t going to do you any good. You’ll want to keep all your coupons in one place so you can easily access them when you need them, and this way you won’t need to dig through your pockets or bag when you’re trying to find coupons at checkout time. You can just pull out your coupon book and find what you need right away. It’s best to organize it by shop or product to help you find things quickly, if you can.

Combine Coupons with Sales

Take Advantage Of Coupons And Sales

Take Advantage Of Coupons And Sales

You will have to do careful research to make sure that you can do this, but you will want to try and combine coupons with sales when possible. It’s a great way to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, and it can really multiply your savings by an immense amount. Make sure to read the fine print on your coupons and on the sale notices when possible, because there may be certain types of coupons you can combine with sales. You might not be able to combine all types of coupons with sales, especially in some stores that are stingy about how much money they’ll allow you to save. It does take some careful research but it will be worth it in the end when you see how much money you wound up saving. You certainly won’t be disappointed by your couponing once you get used to it and know how to make the most savings possible.

Defining Your Brand the Easy Way in 4 Steps

 Define Your Brand & Make Your Business Stand Out

Define Your Brand & Make Your Business Stand Out

Establishing a brand is more complicated than it might seem at first. You might have an idea of what you want to do, but you need a plan before you can really put your it into action. A brand is what defines everything your business is about. When customers see a logo or your name, the idea of a brand is being permanently fixed in their mind as representing a particular set of qualities and expectations. There are some brands that are more trusted than others, for example, often based on popularity and longevity. Even though some brands might actually be superior to others, customers usually default to what they know. Therefore, you brand has to be clearly defined and unambiguous, especially when you’re just starting out. Here are four basic starter tips for establishing a solid brand.

Brainstorm Visually

While brainstorming is a standard step when you’re experimenting with new ideas and concepts, doing it visually boosts the method’s efficacy. Try drawing out a flow chart of ideas as they come to you or your team. Do a diagram of associations with certain words and images. Always remember that your brand has to make a visual impact as well as being catchy, so take that into account to. What you’re trying to do with your brainstorming session is take all of the concepts that define your company and put them into a small package that conveys the overall spirit. This isn’t an easy task, and it will take some time, so just be patient and explore all your options.

Research Other Industry Brands

Do Your Research About The Market You Are In

Do Your Research About The Market You Are In

A good way to gain inspiration and make sure you’re not doing something that’s already been done is to research other brands in your industry. For example, if your business is selling indie apparel, then you’ll want to go browse around some popular indie sites and stores to see how they’ve established their brand. Check out their logo, their mission statement, and any catchphrases they’ve formulated. These are the elements that make a brand memorable, and if you find a few you like, you can partially model your own brand after them. You can never go wrong with learning from tried and true brands.

Reexamine Your Mission Statement

Part of establishing your brand is understanding what your company is all about. Sometimes, you can get caught up in the everyday dealings of doing business, and you forget what the mission is. However, whether you’re an entrepreneur who started their own business or a cog in a larger machine, companies are all based upon a core idea. This is why reviewing your mission statement and getting a refresher on your concepts behind the business is a good idea. The mission statement is a short, succinct description of what you’re doing with your business and what you can offer customers. It’s a solid foundation on which to base your branding strategy, because you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Decide on an Aesthetic

Remember: Your Brand Is Your  First Introduction To The World

Remember: Your Brand Is Your First Introduction To The World

Last, but not least, is deciding on an aesthetic after conceptualizing the brand. Aesthetics are just as important as concept, though, and you’ll need a professional who can design the right type of logo and relevant material, such as letterhead or a website header. You can start by doing your own research. For example, it’s scientifically proven that people associate certain colors with emotions. Some colors are high energy, whereas others are more relaxing. There isn’t such a thing as a bad color choice unless it clashes with your brand. Having some idea of a color scheme or aesthetic in mind when you meet with your designer will help them deliver what you want in the long run and build a successful brand.