Web Gems Of The Week: Heyward saves bacon, Francoeur can still throw, Machado barehand


Jason Heyward simultaneously wins the game and saves it. Craig Kimbrel … doesn’t mind much. —– Yasiel Puig can throw a bit, too bad the umpire wasn’t in on that info Yasiel Puig makes a catch, hurts the wall, leaves Paco Rodriguez floored —– Yunel Escobar is just showing off. For all the shortcomings of Jeff Francoeur, throwing is not ... Read More »

Puig Being Puig: The Tale Of One Plate Appearance


Yasiel Puig has generated a lot of love, because he’s fun, and a lot of hate, because he’s fun (and he can be a dick), so he decided to summarize it all for us in one plate appearance tonight. Puig jumps for exercise. A relatively normal reaction from him. Umpire called it as Master Puig wanted it. I have no ... Read More »

NMATV gives us Braun neck injections, A-Rod taking a phallus, Cruz awkward face, Colon winning steroids


We’re all familiar with NMATV by now, right? Well, they threw their hat in the ring on the Biogenesis case, and it’s gonna be useful, I predict. Well, the GIFS are. —– Ryan Braun with the sneaky neck injection and orgasm face. Alex Rodriguez with the little used/known anal injection with a look of satisfaction. Nelson Cruz‘s bat explodes and ... Read More »