Pitches Of The Week: Strasburg, Darvish, Chapman, Felix, Gio


Pitches Of The Week … Pitches Of The Month. Whatever, Stephen Strasburg‘s curve is worth the wait. —– Kenley Jansen with an absolutely filthy pitch to Paul Goldschmidt —– Yu Darvish‘s slider is an optical illusion. Aroldis Chapman‘s slider is unfair. Besides the curve, Strasburg throws this change too… …and Felix Hernandez throws that one. Lefties against Gio Gonzalez seems ... Read More »

Homers Of The Week: Hanley off the bricks, Trout into the abyss, Alvarez out of the stadium


Homers Of The Week? More like Homers Of The Month, but whatever. Anyway, the deflection off the wall from this Hanley Ramirez homer could have killed somebody. Matt Holliday … sort of strong. I don’t even know where this power from James Loney came from. Probably won’t last, but still. I assume Lorenzo Cain was trotting back towards the wall ... Read More »

Lulz Of The Week: Iglesias has trouble running, Lincecum falls, Braun whiffs, Francoeur nutshot


Moar like Lulz Of The Month. You’ll get over it. Jose Iglesias did whatever the hell that was on what appeared to be a sure double. —– Andre Ethier gives home plate umpire the death stare from hell How many of the Pirates regret doing this intro? At minimum, Wandy Rodriguez… Astros lose in the most Astros way ever The ... Read More »